The standard for easy clean-up

Ever since Anna and Melville Bissell patented the sweeper in 1876, it’s been the standard for easy clean-up because it is effortless to use and works on a variety of surfaces including hard floors, area rugs, and carpets.
Steam Cleaners are a modern innovation that kicks traditional mopping right in the dirt because it is so quick and easy. Steam cleaners don’t just remove dirt and residue; they eliminate many germs and bacteria when used as directed. What’s more, the steam dries in seconds and the high temperature sanitizes floors and penetrates deep into cracks and crevices without the use of cleaning chemicals which are not only costly, but can leave behind residue

So throw out your broom and dustpan and forget about scrubbing your floors with harsh chemicals! Choose a BISSELL Hard Floor Cleaner that best suits your home.

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